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Our team of digital specialists are obsessed with innovation. We exclusively deliver our custom website design services to you because we know the important impact they serve in your business. We are able to handcraft web solutions that serve your purpose by understanding your needs and then putting a plan in place to meet those goals. We offer different web design packages that are designed to create a quicker turnaround time and a more efficient design process. We work exclusively with WordPress and utilize a wide range of themes in order to deliver you exactly what it is you are looking for. By choosing one of our packages, you can choose the exact look and feel of your site, customize it to your liking and ensure it meets all your business requirements.

Mobile First Approach

According to Google, 60% of search queries are made on mobile devices. They recommend responsive design as a best practice to increase the time these visitors stay on your site, for lead generation, sales, conversions, SEO and more. Our websites are designed with responsive in mind first, meaning your audience will experience a seamless experience on any device. An outdated website, slow loading time and/or poor content will negatively impact your organization’s reputation and visibility. Your website should be built to establish your credibility and set you apart from other organizations. We will be sure to get an idea of what you like, then research to establish what is working for similar organizations similar to yours. From there we can create a high-powered website that is aesthetically pleasing towards your brand. 

Crafted For The Expansion Of Your Business & Your Vision

Having a profesionally built website for your organization will help you directly emphasize your efforts to meet your different goals. For example, a good website can more support, more awareness and/or more leads/donations (to name a few). Preach Digital will use a strategic design layout in order to share your story in a way that will leave an lasting first impression. Our job is to convey your brand’s messaging to attract new interest head-on, expand your digital reach and amplify your real-world efforts. Your business can experience the growth it needs to make an impact in the community just by having a stellar website to serve as their online point of contact

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Your Success Is Our Goal

When your online presence is poor, it affects your efforts in the real world. Our direct focus is to deliver you exceptional results by revamping your digital landscape, your visual appeal and how you communicate to your customers. We are bold designers and innovative thinkers who will work to exceed your organization’s requirements and ensure that your platform is in the best shape ever.


Honesty and accountability not only create a trustworthy partnership, but they improve how we communicate, treat others and contribute towards our overall success in our business and outside. This is very important to us.


We are not trying to be something we are not! Although we know what works in the industry (we did not reinvent the wheel), our work embodies the very essence of our philosophies and we are proud that this makes us unique.


Because our drive comes from purpose, we are able to align ourselves with your core purpose. This makes goal setting easier and tough decisions clearer because these decisions aligned with the purpose must win!

Our Growing Portfolio

We may be newer in the game but that does not mean we can’t get things done. We are constantly looking to expand our portfolio and would love to collaborate with you on your next project.

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Website Design Packages

All of our websites are built using the WordPress CMS platform (it powers over 40% of the internet!). Our websites are built based off of your direction. We require that you provide us with your brand’s guidelines and show us some sample websites to better understand your requirements. If you need help with your style guide and copywrite, we have professionals who can get that done at an additional cost.


WordPress Template Site with all the stuff you need to establish a great online presence.

3 Page Site $900

Additional pages: $150 
5 page site: $1100 
10 page site: $1900


Everything from essentials with extra (SEO friendly) functionality & content.

3 Page Site $1100

Additional pages: $150 
5 page site: $1400 
10 page site: $2150


Designed to establish your e-commerce store. Additional items and features can be added for an extra cost.

3 Page Site $1700

Additional pages: $150 
5 page site: $2000 
10 page site: $2750

Extras & Addons

We want to provide you the opportunity to customize your package with different features to suit your general needs. If you need something you don’t see here please let us know so we can accomodate you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! There are many resources for you to explore that can help you with that. If your goal is to create a simple site that looks appealing with basic features, then creating it yourself can be pretty straightforward. Sites like Squarespace are useful (and very affordable) and there is a vast ocean of YouTube videos that can teach you how to use them.  

We currently offer multiple packages that we feel will best suit organizations who are seeking different functionality for their website; but you are not limited to what we offer! Every business is unique and requires different components, so we will make sure that you get exactly what it is you are looking for. We will ask tons of questions, determine your needs and can give you a custom quote based on our findings. If you want to get in touch with us about pricing, send us a message here. 

Hiring a professional website developer will not only save you loads of time and (potential) headaches, but will ensure that you receive a website that suits your specific goals and looks trustworthy. When you hire a professional you get access to premium software and technologies that enhance your site’s performance, capabilities and SEO. Creating a website that is beautiful is only part of the project! You want to make sure it’s fast, responsive, reliable & optimized (to say the least). 

On average, our websites take between 14 days and 60 days to complete, but it depends on the client. How much input you provide to us during the beginning stages and how quickly the content is provided will affect how fast the website is completed. We also provide revisions for your website, so your feedback on this will affect the time it takes to complete the site. Once we know the scope of the project, we can give you a more accurate estimate.  

Yes, ofcourse! Your website will be built on WordPress & we will give you access to the back-end upon migration. Here you will be able to make simple changes to text, photograph updates, & replace products and pricing – these things are relatively simple. It is recommended that you use a professional to perform more complex changes and maintenance such as plugin updates, backups, design or structure changes and additional functionality requirements. We are available at an hourly rate to assist you with the more complex stuff we mentioned. We love to teach and help! 

This depends on your level of comfort in this case. We can help you maintain the website, but if you feel comfortable with the minor maintenance duties then we totally encourage that! We are happy to provide ongoing maintenance on a monthly basis, but it is not mandatory.  

We do not provide website hosting, nor do we provide you with your domain. This gives you complete access to your site upon migration. We can provide you with recommendations for a reputable hosting company (Site Ground, Bluehost & GoDaddy), and we will migrate your site to your hosting platform for you (included in our website design package pricing). 

We want you to be very involved! Your input and feedback are crucial to the website design process. We will ask you tons of questions: what you need, what you like, sites you like already, what you want to see at the end, etc.; then we work with you to get it right! We request that you provide us with sample websites that you like so we can get a feel of what it is you want. When you work with us, we become a team and it is important that we work together to get the desired final result: Your ideal new website. 

We ask that you provide us with the written content for your website! You know the ins and outs of your organization so it is best if you are the one providing it. Alternatively, we are here to help you with the copywriting if you need! We can help you clean your current content or write your original and fresh content at an additional hourly rate. 

Of course! Our website designs are built to be mobile-responsive before anything. Our websites are responsive across all different devices. 

Absolutely not. We are pleased to work with you regardless of where you are from! Currently, our team is working remotely so most of our conversations will be over the phone, Skype or Zoom. 

Upon agreement of the quote provided, we accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Stripe, Cheque and EMT. 

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