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You have the vision and we have the eye to bring that vision to life

Compelling Visuals Are Vital

Professional photography is more likely to encourage people to engage with your product or service; it sounds cliché but it is true. Compelling visuals create positive impressions and stimulate good emotions in the people who see them. They capture moments in time, portray an authentic representation of your brand (stock photography can do the opposite), and they give your business a competitive edge over others.

We offer different photography packages that are designed to meet your unique requirement. Set the tone for your business in the best way possible so you can show your potential customers that you are invested in their satisfaction. If you want to grow your business it is time to get some professional photos taken to go to the next level. 

What Kind Of Photography Do You Need?

Depending on your business goals, there are different styles of photography that will help you emphasize your efforts to meet them. We offer a wide range of photography and videography services available to you both individually or in our comprehensive packages. Take a look below at some different ideas.

Product Photography

Product photography is an amazing way to promote what your business offers and drives additional sales to your products or services.

Food Photography

We will style and present your food items in a way that makes your offering more desirable. This is perfect for restaurant menus, food delivery service profiles and more.

Event Photography

Give your business or event more credibility as we follow you to capture one of kind moments at your next special event. This gives people a real time view of things and keeps the momentum high.

BTS Photography

Also known as Behind The Scenes photography, we will slip into the background and capture shots that portray the rawness and realness of the atmosphere where the photographs are being taken.

Corporate Photography

Portray your company staff, atmosphere and culture in a way that will positively speak to potential partners, clients and customers.


Incorporate videography on your channels to captivate your audience and immerse them deeper into your brand experience. Promotional videos, testimonial videos and more.


We work hard to capture to bring your creative vision to reality. We specialize in creating stunning photos that tell your story and showcase your brand in the best light possible. Contact us today to learn more!

Photography Packages

We have simplified the the photography hiring process to make it easier for you to build your perfect package. We offer a wide range of services that cover your most basic needs, but can also provide coverage to your more intricate requirements.

The Essentials

 Great for portrait shots, headshots, quick gatherings and more. We come to your location!


The Promotional

Tailor-made for restaurants, retail stores & e-commerce owners. Food photography & product shots.


The Inside Scoop

Designed to capture the rawness and real -time moments of your next big event, party or large corporate gathering. 


Extras & Addons

The options are limitless! We want to provide you the opportunity to customize your package with different features to suit your general needs. If you need something you don’t see here please let us know that you are interested in a custom package.


Edits & Content

Studio Extras

Let Us Produce Some Amazing Visuals

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our packages are designed to simplify the hiring process for your photography needs, but we have experience in many photography fields. We would love to chat more about your needs.

We do not deliver them all. Many times we will take multiple shot. try different angles, so on and so forth,  in order to focus the camera and get the “perfect shot”. We will eliminate duplicate images, shots with bad facial expressions, bad quality shots, ect. and narrow it down to a roster of the best shots. 

When you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring someone with “an eye” for great pictures, editing skills and an innovative mind to capture moments you might otherwise miss. It is important for your business to establish a credible reputation, and using compelling, professionally edited visuals is a highly effective method of delivery. 

We are able to provide the proper studio equipment in order to counteract these small inconveniences. We will supply professional lightning, and in some cases a backdrop, in order to transform your space into the perfect space to shoot. A studio fee of $50.00 will be added to your final invoice if this is needed.

Every image we deliver is post-produced to amplify its quality and level of aesthetic. This involved colour correction, black and white processing (if needed), tone-mapping, focusing and other corrections. 

Extreme edits include everything from our professional post-production but also things like removal of blemishes, removal of under eye bags, and removal of flyaway hairs. 

We sure can! Photoshopping is a method we use to remove unwanted objects/people from photos,  perform extreme colour correction and cosmetic changes to images and other things. We can photoshop one or all of your edits at an additional hourly charge of $100. (Min 1 Hour)

We charge a $100.00 replacement fee if the images are lost after we have signed off of the delivery to you. We encourage you to make an extra copy of the images and store them on a USB drive for safe keeping. We are happy to provide you with an additional USB Drive with the final images for an additional $50.00.

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