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Juneteenth Block Party In The Junction, 2022

More On The Founder

More On The Founder

I was a young kid with a big vision in a city full of opportunities. Watching my family find success with business, entrepreneurship was always in my blood. While most people were exploring a traditional career path, I was always searching for an opportunity to learn skills that would contribute my future career goals.

When the pandemic hit, I knew things were going to be bad business wise. In the year 2020 it became clear that things were going to change. Seeing how the pandemic had impacted the world, including myself (I lost my office job), I felt the need to put the skills and network I had been honing all this time to work. We don’t just do this for ourselves. This is  for your success too.

We build result-orientated websites. We write compelling content. We hold fun and immersive photoshoots. We create, innovate and curate. Mainly, we want to help you succeed after one of the most changing times in recent human history. We might be newer in the industry but our work ethic is incredible and our drive to to speak loudly about the things we care about keeps getting stronger. (PS…It’s you we care about!)

You Matter To Us

You Matter To Us

We take your investment with us very seriously! Every company needs their own strategy. We know that what works for someone else may not work for you, so we take time to fully understand your message and curate a plan that is right for you. Our job is not to sell you something but to give you tangible results and keep you happy. 

We have a secret passion we want to share! We are storytellers who setup the megaphone and yell about the causes we believe in. To empower those who are on a journey to reverse environmental damages, who help those with mental and physical barriers, who reduce homelessness or poverty and to set fire to conscious missions alike across the globe. We want to help you fulfill your purpose on this earth with is ultimately to help people, amongst others. As a matter of fact, this is something that we have been called to do.  

Our solutions are hand-crafted locally here in Toronto. We are always honing our skills with the latest technologies to keep you on top of the game. Think of us as your collaborative, outsourced creative team. 

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us directly at hello@preachdigital.ca.

Taste of Italy, 2022

Why Preach Digital?

We are the kind of people that gets things done. We are focused on delivering cutting-edge website design and photography services through personalized, integrative and transformational services. We want to go above and beyond to make sure your business is in the best shape of it’s life. Our values and ethics are powered by our love for people and it shows in all that we do. 


Honesty and accountability not only create a trustworthy partnership, but they improve how we communicate, treat others and contribute towards our overall success in our business and outside. This is very important to us.


We are not trying to be something we are not! Although we know what works in the industry (we did not reinvent the wheel), our work embodies the very essence of our philosophies and we are proud that this makes us very unique


Because our drive comes from purpose, we are able to align ourselves with your core purpose and understand it. This makes goal setting easier and tough decisions clearer because these decisions aligned with the purpose must win!

Our Services

At Preach Digital, our focus is to help you catapult to new heights by leveraging the power of cutting-edge website design, eloquent content creation and captivating photography/videography. Through critical strategy and innovation, combined with modern creative techniques, your business will begin to expose its true potential; giving you an opportunity to bring yourself to a new level of success.

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